Second Ad Features Mayor Fulop the Bicycle Enthusiast

Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fulop released the second television campaign commercial for the November 2017 mayoral contest, following the release of the campaign’s first television ad “A Day at the Beach”.

The new ad, “Bike Shop”, touts Mayor Fulop’s successes in strengthening Jersey City’s local economy. Since the start of the Fulop Administration, over 500 new small businesses have opened shop in all neighborhoods of the city, and residents have experienced the lowest unemployment rate the city has seen in 25 years.

“Here in Jersey City, we have prioritized supporting small businesses in a way that hasn’t been done before, putting us at the forefront of both job creation and small business creation in New Jersey,” said Fulop. “With new small businesses come new opportunities for our residents, and we are proud to partner with the city’s growing small business community to continue strengthening Jersey City’s economy.”

The commercial highlights the Fulop Administration’s focus on job and small business creation. Since 2013, the administration has worked to support small businesses, started a small business forgivable loan program, began a second chance program for formerly incarcerated, and made hiring local for construction sites mandatory.

Watch the ad here:

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  • Ollie Oliver

    Both of these ads are “bike washing” a lackluster performance on transportation from Fulop’s administration. He brags about striping 22 miles of bike lanes. This is only a portion of the 35 miles planned by the Healey administration. We have zero protected bike lanes & zero bus lanes in Jersey City. The bike lanes he has added do not cross neighborhood boundaries. Fulop may ride a bike from time to time, but he’s no friend of people who commute on 2 wheels.

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