SEIU NJ State Council endorses Murphy, Oliver and Democratic lawmakers for November elections

Sheila Oliver, with Murphy and the First Lady.
The SEIU NJ State Council said it proudly endorses the reelection of Governor Phil Murphy, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver and a slate of Democratic lawmakers for election on November 2.

The council is comprised of unions representing diverse service employees across the state including health care, warehouse, industrial laundry and school cafeteria workers, motor vehicle inspectors, resident physicians and Newark municipal employees.

“The Murphy administration has kept its promise delivering on issues that improve workers’ lives, such as significantly raising the minimum wage, enacting paid sick days, and expanding pre-K and paid family leave.  Critical and long-overdue reforms in the healthcare sector were initiated, including safe staffing ratios in nursing homes.  A second term for Gov. Murphy is critical to building on these successes and continuing to make progress for working people in New Jersey,” said Milly Silva, President of the State Council and Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU United Health Care Workers East.”

“The Murphy Administration and our legislative allies have advanced a range of important issues. We trust that Governor Murphy, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver and the lawmakers we’ve endorsed will work hard to make sure that workers in both the private and public sectors will participate fully in New Jersey’s economic recovery,” said Megan Chambers, Vice-President of the State Council and Co-Manager of the Laundry, Distribution and Food Service (LDFS) Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU.

 # Members of the SEIU NJ State Council include 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East, The Laundry, Distribution and Food Service Joint Board of Workers United, The Committee of Interns and Residents and 32BJ Motor Vehicle Inspectors.

(Legislative endorsements below)

SEIU NJ State Council Legislative Endorsements 2021

DISTRICT            SENATE                        ASSEMBLY

2                    Vince Mazzeo                           John Armato

                                                                        Caren Fitzpatrick


3                    Steve Sweeney                         John Burzichelli

                                                                       Adam Taliaferro


4                    Fred Madden                            Paul Moriarty

                                                                        Gabriela Mosquera


5                    Nilsa Cruz-Perez                       William Spearman

                                                                         William Moen


6                     James Beach                            Louis Greenwald

                                                                         Pamela Lampitt


7                    Troy Singleton                           Herb Conaway

                                                                         Carol Murphy


8                     Dawn Addiego                          Allison Eckel

                                                                         Mark Natale


11                  Vin Gopal                                   Joann Downey

                                                                         Eric Houghtaling


14                  Linda Greenstein                       Wayne DeAngelo

                                                                          Daniel Benson


15                 Shirley Turner                            Verlina Reynolds-Jackson

           Anthony Verrelli


16                Andrew Zwicker                          Roy Freiman

                                                                         Sadaf Jaffer


  17              Bob Smith                                    Joe Egan

                                                                         Joe Danielson


18              Patrick Diegnan                            Robert Karabinchak

                                                                         Sterley Stanley


19              Joe Vitale                                      Craig Coughlin

                                                                        Yvonne Lopez


20              Joe Cryan                                     Annette Quijano

                                                                        Reginald Atkins


22             Nicholas Scutari                           James Kennedy

                                                                        Linda Carter


27             Dick Codey                                    Mila Jasey

                                                                        John McKeon


28             Ron Rice                                       Ralph Caputo

                                                                       Cleopatra Tucker


29            Teresa Ruiz                                    Eliana Pintor-Marin

                                                                        Shanique Speight


31            Sandra Cunningham                     Angela McKnight

                                                                        William Sampson


32             Nick Sacco                                     Angelica Jimenez

                                                                         Pedro Mejia


33             Brian Stack                                    Annette Chaparro

                                                                        Raj Mukherji


34             Nia Gill                                           Tom Giblin

                                                                        Britnee Timberlake


35             Nellie Pou                                      Shavonda Sumter

                                                                        Benjie Wimberly


36            Paul Sarlo                                       Gary Schaer

                                                                        Clinton Calabrese


37            Gordon Johnson                             Shama Haider

                                                                         Ellen Park


38             Joe Lagana                                     Lisa Swain

                                                                         Chris Tully

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