Sherrill Implores Webber to Support FBI Investigation of Ford Testimony

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Mikie Sherrill released the following statement after members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Floor and delay a floor vote pending a FBI investigation:

“I applaud the bipartisan group on the Senate Judiciary Committee who have asked that the FBI investigate the credible testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The Senate will vote on a lifetime appointment, and with American confidence in our system at an all-time low, this investigation will help ensure the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court.

“I call on Assemblyman Jay Webber to join with Senator Jeff Flake, Representative Leonard Lance, Senate candidate Bob Hugin, and members on both sides of the aisle in support of this investigation.”

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4 responses to “Sherrill Implores Webber to Support FBI Investigation of Ford Testimony”

  1. Webber is a fellow private Catholic school boy. He has way too much in common with Brett Kavanaugh to get I involved. He won’t touch this issue with a 10 foot poll.

    • “Way too much in common?” You’re making a pretty obvious inference there, aren’t you? Why don’t you just go ahead and say it? You’re already three-quarters of the way to a smear. Show some guts and make the accusation you’re itching to make, you coward.

      See? This is the problem. It’s all too easy to lob the allegation, with no real evidence whatsoever. Didn’t we learn anything this past week?

      • So let’s see what bold outspoken Jay Webber has to say about the Kavanaugh confirmation issue now, shall we…

        Oh wait he’s been completely mum on the topic since his single September 4th tweet. As for my insinuation, answer me this. Why were Catholic and other private schools excluded from Jay Webber’s signature legislation to stop sexual predators from school, and why won’t he answer that question?

        • Why don’t you go tell your girl Mikie to ask him? There ARE 3 debates this week. I’m sure Jay will be more than happy to discuss.

          As for being “mum” on Kavanaugh, you’re a little slow. He already made a statement; you must not be paying attention.

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