Sherrill Unhopeful of McCarthy’s Chances

Many suspected that “Republicans could not govern,” Mikie Sherrill said Wednesday morning, minutes before the House reconvened to try – again – to elect a Speaker.

No kidding.

And as Sherrill also noted, the craziness of Tuesday was not a total surprise, given the fact critics of Kevin McCarthy have not been shy in saying so.

It is still unclear at this writing what will happen today, but the uncertainty has raised the question – can Democrats work with moderate Republicans and produce a deal and pick a Speaker?”

“That has to be started in the Republican Party,” Sherrill said in a conference call with reporters.

She said that as of now, McCarthy has catered to the far right of the GOP – so far unsuccessfully. That, of course, is not amenable to the Dems.

That’s why if there is any change of strategy, it has to be initiated by Republicans.

Sherrill wasn’t all that hopeful, saying that McCarthy has not shown any ability to compromise.

More broadly, the congresswoman, who will eventually start her third term (no House member has been sworn-in yet, because of the impasse over the Speaker) suggested that the country is ahead of its leaders.

Pointing to the narrow partisan margins in both the House and Senate, she said that the nation wants moderation and practical solutions to problems.

When that does not happen, it gives “more and more power to the extremes.”

Which is what we are seeing with today’s GOP.

Sherrill’s chat with reporters was officially about her agenda for the new year when she will be in the minority for the first time.

Before looking ahead, she looked backwards.

She took pride in what the Democrats accomplished last year, pointing out that the president and Mitch McConnell are in Kentucky today to celebrate how last year’s infrastructure package is helping the state. .

Locally, that bill has finally appropriated funds to build a rail tunnel under the Hudson, a long delayed project.

Assuming the new House does get organized, Sherrill said she hopes to pass legislation aimed at helping police combat automobile thefts. It was introduced last year with bipartisan support.

She did not answer a question about doing away with the $10,000 cap on SALT deductions, which by now may be a dead issue.

The cap on state and local tax deductions, which dates back to 2017, hurts high-tax states like New Jersey, New York and California. Republicans so far have shown no interest in doing away with the cap and that seems unlikely to change.
As for the general atmosphere this week, Sherrill said in what seemed like an understatement, “Things are in a little bit of disarray here.”

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One response to “Sherrill Unhopeful of McCarthy’s Chances”

  1. Mikie Sherrill has no room to talk. She’s a fraudulent Manchurian candidate Congresscritter in the 11th District. She won the seat by election fraud, electronic voter fraud, ballot stuffing, and ballot harvesting–all illegal. She claims to be a war veteran, but upon closer inspection, she flew helicopters in back areas for logistic support. She was a do-nothing U.S. Assistant District Attorney that did nothing but act as a liasion for the office, based on comments from former NJ U.S. District Attorney Chris Christie.

    Sherrill has outstanding ethics charges for insider trading and using election funds for personal use. But that doesn’t matter. Dictator Nancy Pelosi used her position as Democrat House Speaker to make tens of millions of dollars on insider trading.

    Mikie Sherrill has good company. Democrat Senator Dick Blumenthal from Connecticut lied about his Vietnam War status as fighting on front lines when he wasn’t even there. I guess the Democrats have veterans who like to lie and perjure themselves about their service records, when the facts show otherwise. Typical Democrat-Socialist. Lying, cheating and stealing are the norm for them.

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