Congressman Albio Sires Celebrates in West New York with Newly Elected Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez

Congressman Albio Sires and newly elected Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez celebrated with a crowd of 100 at West New York's town hall on election night.

A new beginning indeed!

As the crowd jammed in, around and outside the New Beginnings headquarters on Bergenline Avenue, Congressman Albio Sires commanded center stage.

“I grew up here,” he said explaining his interest in the race. “I’ve been here since the fourth grade and I never left.”

With that, many supporters of the now winning slate said they planned to walk about 10 blocks to town hall, symbolizing a coup.

Rain fell and horns honked as the revelers walked.

At town hall, more than a hundred people stood in front of the historic building’s imposing steps awaiting the appearance of mayor to be Gabe Rodriguez.

He appeared at twenty minutes after nine and gave the crowd a simple message.

“We won. We won for West New York,” he yelled.

The crowd picked up the chant, exhorting and screaming in the wet, spring air.

Rodriguez then picked up and waved a broom to leave no doubt what the new mayor plans to do.

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