Source: Kate Whitman Mulling a CD11 Run

Kate Whitman Annis of Morristown, the daughter of former Governor Christie Todd Whitman, is considering a run in the 11th Congressional District.

The former Governor is notably anti-President Donald J. Trump, which a source close to the elder Whitman argued could take the steam off of Democrat Mikie Sherrill’s punches in a general election showdown.

Reared in Somerset County, Kate Whitman Annis ran unsuccessfully for a congressional seat in 2008, losing in the Republican Primary to U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7).


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2 responses to “Source: Kate Whitman Mulling a CD11 Run”

  1. I, must be missing something. Did we not as a nation fight a Revolutionary war? In order to prevent Dynastic rule?
    Where by, a person descended of noble blood would automatically rule in place of their predecessor?
    The Littel family in the( NJ 24th) district from father, to son, and then, to daughter. The Bucco family in the (NJ 25th) district from father, to son.
    The Frelinghuysen family dating back to the actual Revolutionary War.
    Now the Whitman Dynasty? I believe the old proverb is, “Those who fail to study their History are doomed to repeat it.”

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