Sources: Union Toppling Toward Ciattarelli

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This has already been a good week for Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16), and it may get better after tomorrow night.

Republican sources say the Union County GOP is poised to back Ciattarelli over Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

For starters, the assemblyman is a caucus member of Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21). Guadagno also not endeared herself to the allies of Governor Chris Christie and several of them – in addition to Bramnick – reside in Westfield and wield influence in Union and beyond.

There’s also the congressional future of state Senator Tom Kean (R-21). he and others will deny it, but if Kean backs Ciattarelli for governor now, Somerset would be more willing to back Kean for congress when U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7). That day doesn’t look imminent, in light of Lance going out to meet his critics at town hall events. But when and if he decides to retire, Kean will have some political credit with Somerset County GOP Chairman Al Gaburo.

Gaburo has taken the behind-the-scenes lead in composing Ciattarelli’s line by line statewide strategy for the Republican gubernatorial primary. Last night, his ally from Hillsborough won Burlington County.

Over the weekend, Guadagno nailed down important Monmouth.

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  1. The county lines don’t matter to conservatives who will walk barefoot on broken glass to get to the polls and vote for Rullo.

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