Stack: Union City Has Nearly 800 COVID-19 Cases as of Thursday


Below is an update from Union City Mayor Stack:

Union City’s confirmed cases are currently at 797.

It is mandatory that you STAY HOME.  If you do go outside to go to an essential business, keep safe social distances of a minimum of 6 feet apart and you should wear a mask. This is not a suggestion.  This is mandatory.  We all have a responsibility to stop the spread of this virus.  Please do your part.

Residents should be advised of the following updates:

  • The Testing Facility opened Monday in the Municipal Lot between Bergenline Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard.  Testing is done by appointment only.  For an appointment, please call 201-366-8465.  If you are having issues getting through, please keep trying.

o The more tests we conduct, the more people can get treatment and that saves lives.

o More than 80% of those who contract the coronavirus recover.  That number can continue to grow with people staying home and those with symptoms getting tested.

  • People are discarding gloves and masks in the streets and on the sidewalks.  Please throw used gloves and masks in the trash receptacles and not on the ground.  It can spread the virus if someone comes in contact with a sick person’s gloves or mask.
  • DPW employees have been working around the clock sanitizing the city.  Street sweepers are spraying disinfectant on the streets and the bust stops, intersections and benches are being disinfected as well.  Please be sure to wipe down your door knobs and door handles as well.
  • You can help Union City by filling out your 2020 Census questionnaire.  By doing so you are helping to provide more funding for things like hospitals, schools, road improvements and better jobs.  Please fill out your 2020 Census.
  • Some residents may be struggling right now with anxiety or depression.  If you are, please know that there are resources out there for you.  You can contact NJ Mental Health Cares at 866-202-HELP (4357).
  • If you are in need of basic food items, please contact my office at 201-348-5757 or my cell at 201-376-1942.

Please try to remain positive and follow the proper precautions.  We will get through this together.

If you have any questions, please call my office at 201-348-5757 or UCPD at 201-348-5790.

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