Starbucks Workers in Montclair Vote Unanimously for Fourth Union Shop in New Jersey

On Wednesday, Starbucks workers at the Montclair-Church Street location became the fourth store in New Jersey to vote to be represented by Workers United in its historic unionization campaign. The vote was unanimous.We are incredibly proud to continue our support of Starbucks workers in this historic, worker-led campaign. Their strength, strategy and solidarity serve as an inspiration to us all. As the drive to unionize more Starbucks locations moves on, we look forward to more successful elections.Unions help level the playing field between employees and employers. Starbucks workers nationally want more say in their wages, hours, and working conditions. Instead of treating them with respect, the company under CEO Howard Schultz has engaged in a union-busting campaign and retaliation against workers. Starbucks has been conducting captive audience meetings, spreading anti-union lies and propaganda, and cutting hours to deprive employees of healthcare benefits. Despite Starbucks union-busting, the workers at the Montclair-Church Street location and nationally have continued to file for and win union elections.  Nationally, over 260 Starbucks retail locations have filed paperwork with the NLRB to begin the union election process since the organizing campaign began in August 2021. More than 140 Starbucks locations have voted for unionization throughout the country.The New Jersey State AFL-CIO stands with the Starbucks workers and their ongoing efforts to organize and negotiate fair contracts.
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  1. Starbucks is progressive in name only. If they truly were progessive they wouldnt be giving the people forming a union a hard time.

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