The Fonseca Factor

East Ward operatives have their eyes out for any incursions made by longtime operative Pablo Fonseca, or his allies.

Fonseca – former chief of staff to then-Mayor Cory Booker – is close to former Mayor Sharpe James, who’s close to Central Ward Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins, who’s close to the school board candidacy of Charles Love.

If Love does well tonight and Chaneyfield Jenkins uses the victory to assist in her own 2018 mayoral machinations, look for a possible East Ward Council candidacy by Advisory Board Member Crystal Fonseca on a Chaneyfield Jenkins ticket.

As they eyeball the city and use the school board race as prep work for next year, Chaneyfield Jenkins’ allies see a path to victory through a strong central, part of the south (with the old James circuitries potentially engaged, which splits into Baraka’s base), and then a motivated East – possibly behind Fonseca.

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