The InsiderNJ Latino Index (English Language Version)

The InsiderNJ Latino Index English Language version is a translated summary of The Latino Index Spanish Language edition listing all the Latinos serving educational institutions, nonprofits and Latino elected officials of New Jersey.

In an impeccable process combining international elected officials with others from jersey, the Latino Index judge panel evaluated 116 of 257 nominees ranking the Top 100 Latinos in the state; Nominees were evaluated on their community involvement, macro/micro impact on Latino affairs with substantial weight on preservation of culture, heritage and use of the Spanish language.

The index additionally highlights the 17 United Nations Goals of Sustainable Development in Spanish. The Latino Index is an immense personal investment provided by Diego F. Maya – founder of The Latino Spirit (17k followers primarily in New Jersey) and The US Latino Affairs Initiatives (501c3) for the State of New Jersey.

The Latino Index is a groundbreaking digital multimedia resource that unites the diverse Latino communities throughout the state. With an understanding that in order for Latinos as a growing diverse population to address the social issues affecting them, the community itself has to collectively go to the root of the problem – lack of reliable information presented in a manner that civically motivates its people to be included in the American way of life. In the United States it is called public media. The 1.8 million Latinos in the state have none. While there is no account of the many educational and socioeconomic backgrounds they have, The Latino Index is the first of its kind to disregard nationalities and unite Latin American and Caribbean families from north, central and south jersey under one roof in their own Language, Spanish.

Both Latino Index versions are available for access anytime and will be provided to New Jersey Public Libraries, including Newark Airport, Latin American consulates and Embassies. An estimated 100,000 Spanish speaking social media accounts, cell phone numbers and WhatsApp accounts in New Jersey will digitally receive the Spanish Index. Please contact The Latino Index – and nominate leaders who are one of the Top 10 Allies of the Latino Community – individuals who help the Latino community; Send your info and subscribe




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