Trenton Legislators Denounce Vaughn, Gusciora, Harrison Remarks; Say ‘Elected Officials Should Not Be Displaying Such Deplorable Behavior’

Speaking at a town hall in her district, veteran state Senator Shirley Turner affirmed her support for Governor Phil Murphy, in part based on his support for a millionaire’s tax.

(TRENTON)- Representatives of Legislative District 15 together condemn the recent repulsive and disparaging remarks made by Mayor Reed Gusciora, Councilwoman Robin Vaughn, and Councilman Joseph Harrison in a recent meeting to discuss the City of Trenton’s response to Covid-19.

Senator Shirley Turner, Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Assemblyman Anthony S. Verrelli (Both D-Mercer, Middlesex, Hunterdon) issued the following joint statement;

“We are extremely disappointed in the state of the relationship between particular members of the Trenton Council and Mayor Gusciora. The dialogue between the Mayor and Council has no place in government. It is not productive nor is it conducive to effectively serving the people of Trenton and fostering a collaborative working relationship between the Mayor and City Council.

“Robin Vaughn’s derisive, and offensive commentary was highly unprofessional for a sitting member of public office. It does not matter the tension or heated conversation that may take place during these discussions; what these discussions cannot and should never result in is defamatory personal attacks on fellow colleagues.”

“In addition, the negative comments made towards Councilwoman Vaughn by Mayor Gusciora and Councilman Harrison are also unacceptable.  At a time when all parties should be focused on civility and solving issues to help move the City of Trenton forward, elected officials should not be displaying such deplorable behavior.”

“We believe the city needs to plan for the road ahead out of this mess. The Mayor and City Council should direct their focus towards combating the Covid-19 pandemic, not trading petty jabs amongst themselves. We are in the midst of a pandemic that requires our complete attention along with the many other concerns of Trenton residents which must be addressed. We must figure out the next best steps, and all that it means, for the Council and Administration to get back on track expediently and successfully.”

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