Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora Sworn in for 2nd Term as City Council Takes Shape

Today’s re-org in Trenton was a big day for LBGTQ liberty as Reed Gusciora took his oath (again) and Jennifer Williams becomes NJ’s first transgender municipal lawmaker

(Trenton) —- Fresh off a landslide victory that saw him easily dispatch his loudest critics, today Reed Gusciora began his second 4-year term as mayor of Trenton, NJ.

He took his oath at a small New Year’s Day swearing in at Trenton City Hall.

Incumbent East Ward Councilman Joseph Harrison was also sworn in alongside new members, West Ward Councilwoman Teska Frisby, North Ward Councilwoman Jennifer Williams, and South Ward Councilwoman Jenna Figueroa Kettenburg. Trenton’s at-large races will be determined later this month.

Ms. Williams made history today as New Jersey’s first transgender city council member anywhere ever. Tenaciously, Ms Williams won all three rounds of Trenton’s oft-maligned run-off system. After winning the round two stages routinely, Ms. Williams eked out a nail biter at the final stage to triumph by a single vote.

“I feel amazing, I feel excited,”Ms. Williams told InsiderNJ. “I can’t wait to get started and start helping fix this city and to lift the veil, a really tough, dark veil over these last four years of not getting anything done and impeding the city from progressing and reducing poverty. We have a lot of work to do bring more jobs to the city, this new council will work very well together and be very collegial.”

That would be a welcome change.

Trenton has long held the dubious distinction as the most dysfunctional city council in NJ. But with ex-members Kathy McBridge and Robin Vaughn, the source of the drama, newly fired by the voters, there’s an optimistic feeling of change in the air today.

“It feels wonderful,” Ms. Williams said of her history-making run to office. “I’ve always said Trenton is a welcoming city and I think this is proof of it. As long as you go out and meet people and talk to them yourself and give them a chance to look me in the eye and shake hands, then they get a chance to prove myself of equal ground. And that’s really important.”

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