Trump Pleads Not Guilty to 34 Counts of Falsifying Business Records


Former President Donald Trump this afternoon in a Manhattan Criminal Courtroom pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover payment to silence an adult film actress during his 2016 presidential campaign.

“In returning a 34 count indictment [see below] against Donald Trump, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office did not pull any punches,” said Joe Hayden, veteran defense attorney and legal counsel for InsiderNJ. “They

Veteran defense attorney Joe Hayden says that given the limitations Special Counsel Robert Mueller put on his testimony and the logistical challenges of the questioning, the House Judiciary Committee hearings accomplished as much as was realistically possible to inform the public and confirm the high points of the Mueller Report.
Veteran defense attorney Joe Hayden.

have taken and elevated those charges to a state felony on the theory that fraudulent business records were created in order to disguise a felony election violation to benefit Donald Trump’s political campaign by suppressing negative political information involving his relationship with Stormy Daniels.

“The legal theory which this indictment appears to be based on is untested, but the prosecutor’s office based every charge on the felony theory and has not pulled any punches,” Hayden added. “The prosecutor’s office also released a statement of facts which appears to be the procedure whereby the DA notifies the defendant as to the underlying prosecutorial theory. This document is robust and it talks about defendant Trump orchestrating a scheme between 2015 and 2017 to influence the 2016 presidential election by identifying and purchasing negative information which would have interfered with Trump’s electoral prospects. This detailed allegation makes apparent reference to Stormy Daniels, and a second woman who was the subject of a catch and kill scheme for negative information and even a doorman who was trying to sell information regarding a child that the defendant had allegedly fathered out of wedlock.

“The legal theory advanced by the prosecution will undoubtedly be subjected to a relentless attack, and there will also be a challenge to the right of the DA to bring a case under the statute of limitations,” said Hayden. “These decisions will have to be decided by Justice Juan Merchan and New York State Appellate courts. but factually on the basis of the number of counts in the indictment and the statement of facts which was filed the prosecution’s case appears to be far stronger than it has been credited by the pundits, even though Michael Cohen is a vulnerable witness, to say the least.

“The scary thing for Donald Trump is I suspect this may only the first domino of cases which will fall. It is probably true that this is his highest legal ground and this is the case to defend but these charges and the related evidence can well create an atmosphere, which could make it difficult for a jury to accept Trump’s defense.”

Trump’s allies protested.

Trump Van Drew
Trump and Van Drew.

U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2), a stout Trump ally, released the following statement on the arraignment of President Trump this afternoon:

“Ivanka Trump recently issued a statement saying, ‘I love my father, I love my country, and today, I am pained for both.’ This is indeed a sad day for our country, and make no mistake that America’s enemies in Beijing and the Kremlin are once again laughing at us,” said United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew. “This is nothing more than a political witch hunt led by some half assed local district attorney who has thoroughly, utterly, and completely failed to get criminals off the street and make New York City safer.  I will continue to work with Congressman Jim Jordan and my colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee to get to the bottom of this political persecution and restore the rule of law.”

It was a long day for the former Republican President.

From Variety:

“Donald Trump has been arrested, as New York law enforcement continues its extended investigation into the former president’s involvement in a ‘hush money’ scheme with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Although he will not be handcuffed, take a mug shot or be given a perp walk, he was effectively arrested when he surrendered to the court.

“After being processed at the courthouse, Trump was spotted by TV news cameras walking through the hallways to the courtroom. Once seated, photos before the arraignment were shot, showing the former president before the charges were presented to him.”

From NBC News:

“After his court appearance, Trump, who has denied all wrongdoing, is expected to return to LaGuardia Airport and head back to Florida, where he is expected to deliver a public address from Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night.”


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One response to “Trump Pleads Not Guilty to 34 Counts of Falsifying Business Records”

  1. As the entire Mainstream Media Industry and all of the real legal pundits have said, the indictment and charges are bogus, and nothing more than interference with the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. Bragg brought a frivolous case and should be disbarred for it. Bragg violated the Rules of Professional Conduct, specifically that a lawyer shall not bring an un-meritorious and/or frivolous case, that a lawyer shall not make false and fraudulent statements or produce fraudulent material evidence to the court to improperly influence the court (or jury), and the lawyer shall not engage in dishonesty, fraud, deception, and misrepresentation, or discrimination (political, race, gender, etc.) that interferes with the administration of justice, or engage in conduct that adversely reflects on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer.

    Bragg has no case, and never did. It was a “political hit-job” financed by anti-American, former Nazi George Soros and his front organizations.

    Stormy Daniels and attorney Michael Cohen (who was NEVER Trump’s attorney) both lied about any alleged affair with Trump. Daniels was looking for a pay-day from Trump because she had taken pictures publicly with him. No pictures of any in flagrante delicto situations have ever been produced. Daniels even willingly consented to sign a document that she never had any affair with Trump. Daniels began to go public about the case and breached her NDA. Trump sued for Defamation and now has won over $600,000 in damages and legal fees from Stormy Daniels. So, how reliable a witness can she be?????

    Cohen lied about Trump’s affair and use of campaign finance money and went to jail for perjury. He admitted in writing of using his own money (he took out a HELOC line of credit) to pay off Stormy Daniels $130K in alleged “hush money” to make himself look good in the eyes of Trump for a position as Chief of Staff. Trump didn’t bring Cohen into the inner circle and Cohen started a vendetta against Trump. Cohen wound up in jail for perjury and other federal crimes.

    Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, who is also in jail for 20 yrs. for extortion, bribery and fraud (against Nike and other companies), came out and said Trump never had any relationship with Daniels.

    It seems everybody associated with Stormy Daniels is either in jail or has to pay huge sums of money after losing jury trials for defamation.

    And, the civil lawsuit against Trump brought by NY AG Letitia James looks ready to fail and be thrown out.

    Same goes for the Atlanta, Georgia alleged indictment, and Special Counsel Jack Smith’s nonsense on trying to find something on Trump for the Jan. 6th demonstration–which over 50 federal FBI and CIA operatives have been uncovered who instigated the riots that day.

    So, for Joe Hayden to try and paint Donald Trump in a bad light, and try to find him guilty in the court of public opinon is both disingenuous and ethically violative.

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