U.S. Rep. Sherrill on How the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Benefits NJ on State of Affairs

Recorded 11/16/21 Steve Adubato is joined by U.S. Representative Mikie Sherrill (D), to talk about the importance of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the Veterans Affairs initiative, and the need for affordable, accessible child care for the nation’s economy.

Steve Adubato asks U.S. Rep. Sherrill what New Jersey gets out of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. She responds, “the answer, for once, is a really great answer…The first project I’m going to name, because I’ve been incessantly fighting for this for a couple years now, is the Gateway Tunnel. This is the nation’s biggest infrastructure investment, the most significant project, it will impact the most people, many of them right here in New Jersey. That is a critical investment. We are also going to invest in remediating our lead pipes which we’ve been working on. We have some of the oldest water infrastructure in the nation. We want to make sure that everybody in-district gets access to clean, safe drinking water.” Rep. Sherrill also discusses the Veterans Affairs initiative and the important role child care plays in getting people back to work.

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