Van Drew: ‘This Leak is Inexcusable’

Van Drew

Today, Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement regarding the recent leak of the SCOTUS draft opinion of Dobbs v. Mississippi Department of Health.

“The Supreme Court was created to be an independent, autonomous body to uphold the founding principles of our great nation,” said Congressman Van Drew. “This leak is inexcusable and undermines the sovereignty of our nation’s highest court. Regardless of where an individual falls on the political spectrum, this leak compromises the integrity of the Supreme Court and diminishes the public’s trust in the judiciary’s ability to issue impartial, neutral decisions regarding the most important and controversial issues facing our nation.”

“Whoever leaked this draft opinion must be held accountable to the extent the law allows,” added Congressman Van Drew. “This is a clear effort to inflict public backlash of a Supreme Court decision to intimidate the Justices to reverse their position. Our founding fathers made clear that the Supreme Court was to act independently, absent any political influence and absent any public influence. Our Supreme Court justices took an oath of commitment to this country to make judgments following the Constitution; not following personal beliefs. During a time where public trust in our government is diminished, the public is now forced to question their trust in our judiciary. The leak of this independent and detailed reasoning of our Justices ruling on Dobbs is an attempt to interject the public into an issue that specifically is to be decided by the great minds appointed to the Supreme Court to accurately and carefully interpret decisions in accordance with our Constitution.”

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