Van Zandt Provides Lead Guitar Part to Malinowski’s Version of ‘Born to Run’

BERNARDSVILLE – Stevie Van Zandt’s associates have included Bruce Springsteen and Tony Soprano. Now you can add Tom Malinowski to the list.

The rocker/actor was the guest speaker at a rally Saturday afternoon to hype Malinowski’s reelection effort in CD-7.

Van Zandt initially gained fame playing with Springsteen’s E-Street Band, but later played Silvio Dante in The Sopranos TV series. In the show, Dante served as consigliere, or advisor, to mob boss Tony Soprano.

On this day in front of the local train station, Van Zandt’s advice was to not trust today’s conservatives.

He said that to him “conservative” means mind your own business, but now it seems to mean “looking into your bedroom.”

Democrats are hoping that the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade will spark a better than usual turnout for a midterm election.

Van Zandt described himself as a “liberal independent,” who also supports law and order. That may sound a bit confusing to some, but no one at the rally really cared. Van Zandt’s support of Malinowski was what it was all about.

On Sunday, both Malinowski and Tom Kean Jr., his Republican opponent, visited Linden for the town’s annual Halloween parade.  Politicians love parades and judging from the candidates’ Facebook pages, that certainly was the case here.

Linden is new to CD-7. It had been in CD-10. In contrast to some of the other district changes, this one seems good for Malinowski, given the fact Democrats have dominated recent elections there.

Back in Bernardsville, Van Zandt was talking about the importance of this year’s election, which is something people tend to do every election.

In this case, “Silvio” said it’s really true. He put it this way:

“We’re going to decide who we are as a country.”

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4 responses to “Van Zandt Provides Lead Guitar Part to Malinowski’s Version of ‘Born to Run’”

  1. Tom has been a good Congressman that sticks up for his district. He doesn’t just come to town to march in a parade only to disappear the rest of the year. His opponent has no record of working with his constituents and will likely only warm a seat if he is elected. NJ needs an active MC not a place holder.

  2. Tom is a dirty stock trader for his own benfit.. I am sure insider wont let this thru-

  3. Tom Kean Jr. has been serving constituents for years before insider trading malinowski dropped in from Washington DC. Vote Republican to save America.

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