Vote for a Better Tomorrow Candidates Pabon, Rios and Iglesia Join Residents Cry For Help

Perth Amboy City Hall

Perth Amboy residents are expected to turn out at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 to rally for City Administration officials to enforce rent control laws and to support a new measure which will
reduce annual rent increases to a maximum 3%.

A rent control ordinance has been in place in Perth Amboy since 1983 limiting annual rent increases to 5% unless significant capital expenditures have been made by the Landlord, in which case the Rent Leveling Board may authorize an additional amount.

“City officials have turned the blind eye to rent affordability in Perth Amboy permitting in many cases rents to double from one year to the next. This has resulted in an unprecedented number of homeless residents seen throughout city streets,” stated Councilman Joel Pabon.

Councilman Pabon recently introduced an ordinance amendment which if approved will reduce permitted rent increases to a maximum 3%. This measure is scheduled for a vote at the City Council meeting Wednesday at 7:00pm.

“Uncontrolled rents have contributed to unsafe and overcrowded living conditions throughout the City, as residents have been forced to take in multiple families in apartments in order to afford rents. We regularly hear of 30-40 residents being displaced at fires of 2 family homes. This has to stop before a fatality or multiple fatalities occur,” commented Jeanette Rios, Candidate for City Council.

A recent Superior Court decision, Docket No. MID-LT-5379-20, filed on August 26, 2022 by J. Randall Corman, JSC., strongly admonished a Perth Amboy Landlord, Candeland 2020, LLC. for what it referred to rent increases that “shocks the conscience” and dismissed the Landlord’s petition for a hardship rent increase without substantiation. The multiple Tenants named as Plaintiff’s on the complaint were represented pro bono by local attorney Joseph B. Vas, also a Mayoral Candidate in the 2020 local election.

“It’s our duty to stand up and stop the abuse and gouging of hard working residents and restore some element of financial assurance. This can’t continue, otherwise residents will be living in the streets,” echoed Board of Education member Junior Iglesia, also a Candidate for City Council.

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