WATCH Murphy’s MSNBC Appearance: Governor Calls Newark Lead Contamination a ‘Challenge’

Governor Phil Murphy and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka

Governor Phil Murphy last night appeared on MSNBC to address lead contamination in Newark’s water supply.

“In an abundance of caution we have one to distributing water and opened up testing,” said Murphy. “There’s no bathing exposure, that’s not an issue.”

He stopped short of calling it a health crisis.

“It’s a public health challenge for sure,” Murphy said.

“We need a water infrastructure renaissance,”” he added.

Watch Murphy’s MSNBC appearance here.

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  • 1Prop

    If Phony Phil would an State of Emergency situation, the National Guard could bring in water trucks to provide more relief while he and his “brain trust” try to find a solution without looking totally inept. But, he’s anti-military. Why isn’t anyone calling out Spartacus Booker for his neglect?????

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