Watson Coleman Arrested

From the Staff of the Congresswoman via Twitter: “Rep Watson Coleman was just arrested outside the Supreme Court with several of her colleagues while marching to protect abortion access. Will share more information soon.”

The Congresswoman and other protesters went into policy custody outside the Supreme Court while peacefully protesting the Courts decision in Dobbs v. Jackson. She was held for about one hour, processed, and released.Upon her release, Watson Coleman issued the following statement:

“A month ago, five reactionaries in robes ended the constitutional right to an abortion. They showed us they’re willing to eliminate our freedom to make decisions about our own bodies.

“The attacks on our personal freedoms must stop. On Friday, Democrats in the House passed legislation to protect the right to choose. We’ll continue to fight until the right to bodily autonomy has been restored to all Americans.”

In a video of the protest posted on the congresswoman’s Twitter feed, Watson Coleman can be observed standing outside the Supreme Court while protesters shout, “Hands off our bodies! Hands off our bodies! Hands off our bodies!”

Watson Coleman is one of a group of U.S. House Democrats calling for the passage of legislation that would add four justices to the Supreme Court, following the overturning of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that provided the constitutional right to abortion.

“It’s an ultra-right-wing Republican Supreme Court,” Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia said during a press conference outside the Capitol. “It is a Supreme Court where basic freedoms are under assault.”

“The number of Justices on the Supreme Court has been changed six times,” Watson Coleman tweeted.

The bill, H.R. 2584 would expand the court from nine to 13 seats. The court’s current ideological makeup is six to three in favor of conservative-leaning justices.

Johnson’s legislation has 58 co-sponsors, including Watson Coleman.

Some more context, via the Nevada Current:

“Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey said the current ideological makeup of the court is a threat and that other rights such as same-sex intimacy, same-sex marriage and privacy when it comes to birth control could easily be undone.

“Justice Thomas wrote his own concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, arguing that since the court has overturned the constitutional right to an abortion in that case, which was grounded in the 14th Amendment and the due process clause, other cases that have been rooted in the same right to privacy could all be reconsidered.

“’They will come for our right of contraception, they will come for our right for who to love,’ Watson Coleman said of Thomas’s concurring opinion.”

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    The next time I see you at the nail salon, I’m going to jump up and hug you.♥️♥️

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