Watson Coleman Backs Mahr in Union County Democratic Chair’s Contest

Twelfth Congressional District Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman today released the following statement in support of Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr’s candidacy to become the next Chair of the Union County Democratic Committee.  Union County towns Fanwood, Plainfield and Scotch Plains are all part of the Twelfth Congressional District.

“Chairman Jerry Green has been a friend for a long time and I wish him a very quick recovery.  He has been a true champion of the Progressive values our Party holds dear and his stewardship of the Union County Democratic Committee has been nothing short of remarkable.

“As the UCDC’s elected Vice-Chair over the past five years, Colleen Mahr has been an integral part of the Committee’s success and I believe she has earned the opportunity to become the leader of the county party.  Colleen has worked hard to get Democrats elected throughout the county and her tenacity and dedication to our Progressive values and principles has been apparent in local, county and state-wide election wins.

“In her leadership role within the UCDC over these past years, Colleen also maintained a particularly strong focus on cultivating new leaders in our Party and helping women get elected to office all across New Jersey.

“I witnessed Colleen’s tenacity and dedication first hand when she served as a member of my campaign committee during our Primary election in 2014.  It is easy to forget that her decision at the time to offer our campaign her support was not a simple one, but Colleen believed in what we stood for and her commitment never, ever wavered.  Those are the qualities of an exceptional leader.

“Colleen Mahr has always proven herself to be a well-informed, hands-on mayor who will fight for every inch for her constituents while also establishing herself as a tremendous leader in the Democratic Party and a true champion for women in Union County and across the State.  I believe that she has more than exhibited the qualities necessary to move the Union County Democratic Committee forward and I am strongly endorsing her candidacy to be the next leader of the county party.”


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