Webber Says He’s Running Again


Jay Webber says it’s all a misunderstanding.

He definitely does plan to seek reelection this year and there may, in fact, be a Reagan Day celebration in 2019 as well.

Some Morris Republicans recently came across a posting on the New Jersey Reagan Day website that said Webber’s annual tribute to the former president would not be held this year.

Webber said late Tuesday afternoon that the posting actually dates back to last year and that the website has not been updated. The Reagan Day event was cancelled last year because Webber was running for Congress.

The posting also made reference to Webber’s “job hunting,” which he said described his run for Congress.

Going forward,  Webber said he plans to run again for the Assembly in District 26 and that the Reagan celebration may be held in the summer or fall. He said he has gotten away from staging it around Reagan’s Feb. 6 birthday because of past problems with the weather.

Politics is a place where just about every move is picked up and analyzed. And some local Republicans have noted that Webber has been absent from many GOP events of late.

Don’t read anything into that, Webber said. He said much of his time recently has been consumed by a trial he is handling in state Superior Court, Morristown.

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