This week at the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art

Paris. Italy. Trenton. Yes, Trenton!

People flock to the Louvre in Paris; to the Galleria Borghese in Rome. And now to the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art in Trenton.

“These are artists provided important direction and warning for all who crossed their ‘Chemin Joyeux’ ”, observed Museum Director Vieux Mâleblanc.

The new French Obscurist and Italian Annoyance Realism exhibit at the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art has a show through June 2019.

The first piece on the left is by the French Obscurist painter Éñrie De Men (1878- 1927). Entitled
“Disabled Lovers”, it symbolizes in a round brown world, two former lovers of indistinguishable gender and how they’ve turned away from one another. Notice how one has a detached head (symbolizing the detachment of all reason) and has no hands to work with or feet to carry him. And his lover has turned away from him.

The middle piece is by the Italian Annoyance Realism painter, Incäśeof Fíré (1910-1978). Again, using the symbolism of his mentor De Men, his footless, handless, man detached from reason tries to escape a giant fire on an endless staircase, symbolizing man’s relentless journey from hell to the unknown.

The final piece is “Shadow of Odocoileus Virginianus” by Taiwanese artist De’er Xing (1913 -1967 ), who spent seven years in the Pine Barrens observing wildlife. There are many others in his “shadows on yellow” wildlife series in the show.

“Notice how all three artists prominently sign their artwork, as was commonplace at the time,” continued Mâleblanc.

Tickets for this popular show can be obtained at the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art website through June 11.

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