Welle Beats Keady for the Line in Mercer

CD4 candidate Josh Welle defeated Jim Keady this evening for the Mercer County Democratic line.

A retired Naval officer, Welle received two thirds of the vote for the win, defeating Keady in the third straight convention in this primary season.

Welle now owns Monmouth, Ocean and Mercer in a congressional district that comprises pieces of those counties.

“Democratic Party leaders in all three counties of the Fourth District met the candidates, studied their stances on the issues and decided our campaign has the strength to defeat Chris Smith,” Welle said.

“They’ve voted for a new generation of leadership and I’m honored to be working with the candidates up and down the ballot in Monmouth, Ocean and Mercer counties,” the victor added. “Now is the time for Democrats to win. Let’s go.”

The Keady Campaign treated the last convention of the season like a final warmup exercise for the main event.

“Now the real primary begins, and we look forward to speaking directly to the voters of the fighting 4th District,” said Keady Campaign Manager Ryan Hughes. “The grassroots movement and excitement behind Jim’s campaign is on display every day in Monmouth, Ocean, and Mercer counties. We believe that come primary day in June, that energy will be reflected at the ballot box in Jim’s favor.”


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4 responses to “Welle Beats Keady for the Line in Mercer”

  1. The worst candidate; his money can’t buy a W but I am sure it bought more than a few votes

  2. Too much emphasis is placed on these mini-conventions. As I understand, only 59 votes were cast at Mercer, 56 at Ocean (though many voters were allowed multiple votes), and 185 at Monmouth.

    That’s less than 300 votes. In perspective, that’s about **0.08%** of the 132,273 Democrats and 232,837 unaffiliated voters eligible to vote on June 5th. Let’s not let these insider conventions decide for the people.

  3. The powers that be shall not learn their lesson the old Democratic power players need to be taken out and doing it at this coming primary is a great platform… Lets go work it hard for JIM and show them they are dinosaurs!

  4. The Democratic “leadership” only has their own votes in the actual primary. The people are behind Jim Keady. Democrats, Independents, Unaffiliated voters: Get out and vote on June 5th, and make this an election, not a selection!

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