West New York Mayor Felix Roque Says He Expects to Win Reelection 3-1

Former West New York Mayor Felix Roque missed the expiration date to file a challenge to the results of his May nonpartisan loss.

WEST NEW YORK – Felix Roque voted Tuesday morning at 5800 Jefferson Avenue a few minutes after 11 a.m.only to come back a short time later.

No, he wasn’t voting again, although this is Hudson County.

The mayor returned to chat with reporters who he had missed earlier.”

“I’m expecting (to win) 3-1,” he said.

That’s a pretty bold prediction, but the mayor insisted it’s one built on the reaction he’s getting from residents.

There is no official “county line,” in what technically is a non-partisan election, but it’s no secret Roque is on the outs with Hudson County’s Democratic leaders.  Local congressman Albio Sires is actively working against him. Sires, in fact, sent trays of bagels to city polling places, presumably to keep election workers well-fed.

Roque, who has won before without the backing of party bigwigs, expects to do it again.

“I have the community,” he said.

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