Who Among these Names NOT on the Ballot Will Take the Most Significant Hit?

Stockton. In the shadows of the ballot.

The Nov. 3rd elections feature battleground contests up and down the state of New Jersey, conditioned in no small part in most cases by the top of the ticket ballot collision between Republican President Donald J. Trump and Democratic challenger former Vice President Joe Biden.

We have chronicled in particular the efforts of those candidates competing in CD2, CD3, and CD7; and also those competitors in CD11 and CD5.

But what of those New Jersey political players who are not on the ballot this year?

Who among them stands the most to lose?

Governor Phil Murphy faces the voters next year, and a Biden national win could begin the pendulum swing process of voters becoming tired of Democrats glutting public offices in this state. Then again, New Jersey has turned so deeply blue (registered Dems now outnumber Republicans by more than 2,323,452 to 1,326,643), that the state may have passed the point of no return for the GOP – at least for a while.

But there are many others who played in this cycle, among them former Republican Governor Christie Todd Whitman, who endorsed Democrat Biden; and former Governor Tom Kean, Sr., whose son is running on the Trump team in CD7 against incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-7). South Jersey boss George Norcross III, moreover, and his staunch ally Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), wagered in the CD2 Democratic Primary, but have not gone all in on a congressional race that could have longer term implications about power in their region.

The marijuana legalization question boomerangs in the legislature, too, where state Senator Nick Scutari (D-22) continues to be a major advocate, occasionally clashing with his colleagues, including marijuana decriminalization proponent state Senator Ronald L. Rice (D-28).

There are other implications, too, for chairs of their parties in counties with key contests, and they are also options here, as you consider the following Nov. 3rd election year question:

Among These Names Not on the Nov. 3rd Ballot, Who Has the Most to Lose?

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