Working Families Demands Investigaton into O’Toole

Kevin O'Toole, former senator from the 40th Legislative District, warns legislators to learn from the lessons of former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, who was indicted for misuse of public funds and aids for personal gain.

Today, New York Working Families Party Director Sochie Nnaemeka and New Jersey Working Families Party Director Sue Altman jointly called for investigations into the allegations brought to light against Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole in a lawsuit. These allegations include rigging a civil service exam, improper real estate dealings, and coercion and bullying against O’Toole’s enemies. The allegations prompted the New York Daily News Editorial Board to call for his resignation.“The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey must stop being used as a playground for the politically powerful and well connected,” New York Working Families Party Director Sochie Nnaemeka said. “The Chairman of the Port Authority wields tremendous power, and therefore must be held to the highest ethical standards. The Inspector General of the Port Authority must immediately commence an independent investigation, led by someone other than a politically appointed crony, into the allegations against Chairman O’Toole.”“In New Jersey, we know what happens when morally dubious politicians wield power at the Port Authority,” New Jersey Working Families Party Director Sue Altman said. “And if any of the litany of allegations against Kevin O’Toole are proven true, he is unfit to serve as Port Authority Chairman. He was appointed Chairman by the Governor most famous for Bridgegate, and somehow has stayed long enough to create an ethical crisis of his own. The New Jersey Civil Service Commissioner must immediately commence an investigation into Chairman O’Toole’s claim, in his own words, that he rigged a law enforcement promotion exam process for his sister.”Last week, sources to NBC4 confirmed an investigation into O’Toole by the Office of Public Integrity of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.“Given the important work of the Port Authority and the billions of dollars it raises and spends, we must ask one final question: Why is Kevin O’Toole, a top Christie ally reportedly under investigation for political corruption, still Chairman?” Altman said.

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