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Andrew Yang plans to announce he is suspending his presidential campaign during a speech Tuesday night in New Hampshire, according to CNN.

Businessman Yang ran as an outsider to the system, but struggled to get noticed on the debate stage in the waning days of the contest, particulalry post Iowa.

A visionary leader, he had an impassioned following – including key backers here in New Jersey.

This from The Daily Beast:

Andrew Yang, the businessman turned presidential aspirant whose bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination became a quirky, enchanting, then politically potent phenomenon, announced Tuesday that he will end his campaign.

Yang had been hoping for a fourth-place or better finish in the Granite State, but early returns suggested that he would fall short of those expectations and the decision was made to drop out rather than continue to drain the campaign of resources. His exit from the race leaves only one candidate of color in the primary field: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Samoan-American.

This from the CNN report:

Yang’s decision comes a week after a disappointing finish in Iowa, where the campaign invested millions and spent two weeks on a bus tour leading up to the caucuses. The investment didn’t pan out: Yang finished with just 1% support in Iowa and, after leaving the state with depleted resources, had to lay off staff as he looked to trim his campaign’s costs.
“With a crystal ball, we might not have invested as much energy in Iowa, because I think that that lack of clarity afterwards hurt every candidate,” Yang told CNN the day before the New Hampshire primary. “But we’re excited about being here in New Hampshire.”
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