Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider OUT 100: LGBT Power List

Insider NJ's 2020 Insider OUT: 100


Download Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider OUT: 100 LGBT Power List 


Welcome to InsiderNJ’s 2020 Insider OUT 100: LGBT Power List, our 3rd annual tribute to politically influential LGBTQs in New Jersey politics.

There’s a pandemic raging. This year’s list let’s us venerate some amazing, brilliant LGBTQ people, veterans of the AIDS crisis, harnessing and channeling wisdom and expertise to battle COVID-19.

Politicians are listed separately this time. Since we like to keep things fresh, the 2020 OUT 100 Power List includes over 20 newbies. So if you don’t see your name this year, I’ll say thank you for making room for new faces and tomorrow’s faves.

Many of the names below were called to action by America’s indifference to the AIDS pandemic. Every queer who died of AIDS meant one less mentor to teach and empower the next. The enormity of that loss haunts me, especially since I “came out” at the height of the AIDS pandemic when many would-be mentors were either dead or too traumatized to contemplate nurturing the next generation. So we’ll emphasize mentorship on this year’s power list.

Let’s always celebrate how far we’ve come since the days when AIDS ran roughshod over our community.

But how far have we really come? Especially in NJ, a state without a single out LGBTQ state lawmaker? There are 9 LGBTQ members of Congress. NY is poised to add another 2 to the tally in November. Other states are electing LGBTQ people to Congress and we still can’t sent a single Queer person to Trenton!

That’s not progress.

Thanks to last generation’s sacrifice, no one dies of AIDS in America anymore. Gays and Lesbians can marry who we want and also serve our country in the Armed Forces. And thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, it’s finally illegal to fire someone for who they love. If workplace protections completed the “boxed set” of goals LGBTQ activists set early last decade, can this decade be devoted to getting more Queer people elected to office?


Download Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider OUT: 100 LGBT Power List or view it below:


The 2020 Insider OUT: 100 LGBT


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2 responses to “Insider NJ’s 2020 Insider OUT 100: LGBT Power List”


    Kudos to Jay Lassiter for compiling such a comprehensive list.
    It must have taken a tremendous amount of research and effort on his part.

    Congratulations to each person on the list.
    As a New Jersey resident, I salute each of you with pride and gratitude.

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