2021 NJ Gubernatorial Debate Hosted by NJPAC Set for Sept. 28th

Flag Day fun: Ciattarelli, left, and Murphy.

The 2021 NJ Gubernatorial Debate hosted by NJPAC Set will take place on Sept. 28th. The Newark event is sponsored by PSEG & NJM.

The two participants will be former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R), Governor Phil Murphy (D).

Moderators: Sade Baderinwa of WABC-TV, New York | Jim Gardner of WPVI-TV, Philadelphia

Panelists: Adriana Vargas-Sino from Univision 41, Amanda Hoover from NJAdvance Media

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One response to “ 2021 NJ Gubernatorial Debate Hosted by NJPAC Set for Sept. 28th”

  1. Just so you know, there are five ballot qualified candidates for Governor this year. In order to qualify for the debates, candidates must raise $490K by 9/1…..how is that good for democracy?! Democrats and Republicans have upheld this “law” in NJ for decades. It is time for that to stop and NJ voters deserve to hear ALL their choices. The media needs to step up and inform residents!

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