Activist Khuong on Resolution for Constitutional Amendment: ‘I want them to Table it’

Identifying what she described as a blue wave misappropriation for establishment power, Winn Khuong, executive director for Action Together New Jersey, explained her objections to Democratic legislators’ proposal of a constitutional amendment to alter the redistricting process.

Grassroots activist Khuong played a significant role in helping to elect Mikie Sherrill to congress in CD11.

But she opposes a plan to put before the voters a proposal to establish legislative districts that claim to enhance competitiveness “by ensuring that at least 25 percent of all districts are more favorable to either major political party by no more than five percentage points of the average Statewide percentage of the combined two-major-party votes received in all Statewide general elections by that party…” and the enhanced power of lawmakers on the redistricting commission.

When resolution sponsor Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-6) challenged a group of opponents to put forth a better alternative, Khuong pushed back.

“This is not a simple matter,” the Action New Jersey leader said. “This is not what we as citizens – who took off work to be here today – do for a living. But there are many organizations against it. It is wrong to put this on the ballot.

“I want them to table it,” added Khuong, who joined other progressives and Republicans in opposition to the controversial resolution.

She fears – despite all the opposition, despite the coalescing of groups across wide-ranging communities of interest – it will pass on Monday.

“They may have the votes, but if it is on the ballot, the language is completely misleading,” she said.


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