Ahead Of Alvarez Testimony, Politico NJ Obtains Video Footage Of Brennan, Alvarez Interviews With Prosecutors

Ahead of his testimony before the Select Committee, Politico NJ reports on the prosecutors’ decision not to charge Al Alvarez in the investigation into the sexual assault allegation by Katie Brennan.  Politico NJ obtained video footage of the 2017 interviews of both Brennan and Alvarez.

Read the report here.

The report, which details the night of the encounter (and the disparities in their respective accounts) based on audio recordings of Brennan and Alvarez, says that the DNA and saliva evidence collected by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office was not Alvarez’s.

Brennan says in her interview, per the Politico video clip, that ‘I literally uttered the phrase this is not consensual’ but that ‘he [Alvarez] continued’.

During Alvarez’s interview, he says he ‘felt bad because she felt bad’ but that he ‘no point did I feel uncomfortable with anything that we did together’.  He said she ‘never said stop to me until the end’ and that ‘it was all just consensual touching and feeling, but again, all over the clothes’.

Brennan on Tuesday morning released a statement calling Alvarez’s account a ‘deceptive and incomplete story’, according to NJ.com


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