Allen Takes Herself Out of the Running for LG


Retiring state Senator Diane Allen (R-7) this afternoon told the GOP caucus that she is not seeking Kim Guadagno’s attention for the LG slot on a Guadagno ticket, and will she not take on such a candidacy if asked.

Pointedly, she’s not a candidate for LG, a source relayed to InsiderNJ after Allen addressed the Senate Republican caucus on the subject.

Her bow-out leaves several names in play, also first reported by InsiderNJ, including businessman Carlos Medina, engineer Hirsh Singh, and Evesham Mayor Randy Brown.

Allen’s decision to have nothing to do with a statewide run this year signals GOP tremors about the candidacy of Guadagno, who is running 55-26% behind Democratic nominee for governor Phil Murphy. A source told InsiderNJ last week that Medina is the frontrunner for the job at this point, but the short-list candidate is also on the agenda of a governor’s awards ceremony at the Newark Library tonight. The level of disrespect from Governor Chris Christie and his inner circle for Guadagno’s campaign begs questions about Christie’s projected communications with Medina.

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