Anthony Scaramucci Discusses the Legacy of President Donald Trump with Steve Adubato

Recorded on 1/13/2021, Steve Adubato is joined by Anthony Scaramucci, Former White House Communications Director and Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital, to discuss his experience as the White House Communications Director, the long-term legacy of the Trump presidency and the reasons why people still support Trump.

Scaramucci says President Trump did not like his 2018 book, “Blue Collar President.” “He didn’t like my criticism of him related to the press, he didn’t like what I was saying about our alliances. But I was trying to write a very fair appraisal of what was going on.” Scaramucci adds that President Trump’s legacy will be remembered by disaster, nihilism, megalomania, and that he will go down as the worst President of the modern era. He adds, “From 1900 to 2021, he’s the worst apple in the bunch.”

Scaramucci explains the Italian American community are a community of preservationists, who want to preserve the society of their parents and grandparents. He adds, “Mr. Trump represented that in the great cultural war that we’re living in.” He says the great cultural war was an idea of the media that’s been fabricated and driven by cable news, social media, Russian-type tech propaganda, and President Trump.

Scaramucci believes “uneven starts” or in other words, unequal opportunity, is very detrimental in our society right now. He says, “If we want to heal the rift in this society and we want to close the gap between the haves and the have nots, we have to reignite aspirational opportunity for middle and lower middle-class Americans.”

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