Armed with Abortion Debate, Democrats Grab More Election Ammo

How many parents want to pack heat when pushing their child on a swing?

That question is not as facetious as it seems.

The ongoing legal battle over firearms in New Jersey is now in the sandbox – quite literally.

A recent legal filing by gun-rights groups says individuals should be permitted to carry firearms in such locales as playgrounds, youth sporting events and medical offices.

Phil Murphy says he is “furious” at the suggestion.

This debate began with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year overturning gun laws in New York, which were similar to those in New Jersey. In short, the court said states can no longer limit the right-to-carry to those who demonstrate a compelling need to do so. That right must be available without the states’ need requirement, according to the court.

But the court also said states could prohibit firearms from being carried in “sensitive places,” defined as locales where guns have been historically banned.

That gives some guidance, but apparently not enough. Those on both sides have debated what “sensitive places” are for the last 15 months or so.

The state Legislature in the wake of the court ruling declared many places to be “sensitive,” including schools, courthouses, stadiums and relevant to the case at hand, playgrounds and youth events.

Pro-Second Amendment groups challenged the law in court and the matter is now before a federal appeals court. In the meantime, guns remain banned in most of the originally-defined sensitive places pending a final ruling.

In arguing for the right-to-carry in playgrounds and youth events, supporters say the historical record – a key Supreme Court criteria – is limited in that regard and that previous generations did not leave the vulnerable defenseless.

Bringing this debate to 2023, it needs to be pointed out that previous generations did not have to deal with out-of-control behavior at youth games.

As Senate President Nicholas Scutari and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin said in a statement:

“In a world where volunteer umpires and nurses are being assaulted, it’s dangerous and extreme to force youth sports events, playgrounds, and hospitals to allow guns. We stand by the law we passed to keep children and families safe, and we will not stop fighting to keep our communities safe from gun violence.”

That’s not hyperbole. Just about any volunteer coach or umpire can tell you about unruly adults at youth games.

Murphy in his statement said:

“New Jersey is one of the safest states in the nation in no small part due to our strong gun safety laws, including our longstanding verification procedures that make sure firearms-carriers do not pose a threat to public safety. While greed and fanaticism continue to fuel the gun lobby, public safety will always guide our decisions.”

In looking at the November election, Republicans have been on the offensive in regard to such issues as parents’ rights in education and opposition to wind turbines off the Jersey Shore.

Democrats, you can be sure, want to make the election about abortion rights and gun safety.

So opposing guns at Little League games is a no-brainer.

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6 responses to “Armed with Abortion Debate, Democrats Grab More Election Ammo”

  1. New Jersey is one of the safer states in the nation because of their strict gun laws????? Really???? Violent gun crime, by criminals who don’t abide by anti-gun laws, is way up in New Jersey cities and large towns. It’s having a trickle down effect where violent gun crime is also getting into the suburbs. Just look at what happened across the river in Philadelphia with organized retail crime being done at various large stores. It’s coming to New Jersey, if it’s not already here.

    No amount of gun control laws will stop crime. Just ask the Nazis. They had the strictest gun control laws in history, yet criminal activity still occurred. Of course, when gun-toting criminals were caught in Germany, or where the Germans were occupying, they were shot on the spot.

    Is that what Governor KNUCKLEHEAD is angling for??? Catch violent gun-toting criminals in the act and shoot them on the spot??? Or, more likely, give them a slap on the wrist and let them accost unarmed law-abiding citizens, as what is happening now????

    Gun control has never worked wherever it has been tried. Same goes for Socialism and Communism. Those constructs have failed everywhere they’ve been tried.

    Why would Australians, New Zealanders, British and Venezuelans, who have total gun confiscation, tell Americans to never give up their guns????? Because they have first-hand experience of tyrannical, despotic governments violating their human rights. Remember the protests in Australia and New Zealand during COVID lockdowns. Tens of thousands of unarmed citizens were physically beaten, doused with water cannons, stomped with horses, and shot dead. All, for exercising their human right to protest the lockdowns.

    If those people were armed, their government would have NEVER even tried to block the protests or lock the people down. So, no, we can’t trust our government anymore to protect us, especially when they are targeting political opponents and Christians. Remember this: When a crime is occurring to you or your family, seconds count, when police are minutes away. To be armed when being victimized by violent criminals gives law-abiding citizens the human right to self-defense.

  2. I want to pack heat while pushing my grandchildren on a swing. In order to obtain a carry permit in NJ, there is a vigorous process including background checks, references, and mental health checks. By the time a permit is issued, the permit holder is very well vetted and very unlikely to be someone who is hot-headed and prone to violence. Unlike gun-carrying gang members or other criminals who ignore our laws anyway and carry guns wherever they want to. Plus, many parks and playgrounds in NJ are heavily wooded and full of bears, coyotes, foxes, etc. I support the effort to allow carry in these locations. Coaches and nurses are also free to obtain carry permits too if they want to. Especially nurses walking to parking garages at night may want to. We need vetted and trained good people to be able to protect ourselves and our children in these areas and other locations that are soft targets. Right now the only people carrying guns there are those who intend to do harm to others.

  3. NoMoreMarxistsInDC. As usual, this coward makes statements unsupported by any facts. Gun crime in NJ stands at 5.13 per 100,000 persons, which is the THIRD LOWEST in the country behind Massachusetts and Hawaii. It’s also about 2/3 less than the national average. Gun laws work. But this anonymous moron keeps writing checks with his mouth that his peabrain can’t cash.

    Reveal yourself, chickenshit.

  4. Which gun laws work? The primary gun law that governs all of us is * Murder is Illegal* seems like a basic law and concept, however crime happens and sometimes on the receiving end of the crime are innocent residents of NJ. That being said, adding additional gun laws only effects law abiding citizens. Criminals do not care, hense the reason crime happe. When crime happens, allowing me the opportunity to assist in being my own first responder gives me a greater opportunity of survival. In order to do so, I should have to wait months for permits, and should not be restricted basic rights guaranteed to me by my 2nd amendment. Adding gun laws that make me jump through hoops only makes me a susceptible to being a victim.

    Have you ever thought that maybe NJ is not the “Wild West” that our government wants you to believe it is? Since permit to carry has come to play, I have not seen any high noon show downs at the local saloon. No one is in Starbucks just twirling there gun on their fingers and I have seen anyone just randomly shooting into the air for July 4th. Responsible gun owners know better. We are discreet. We carry ourselves with dignity, respect, and most of all safety. We are everyday neighbors, colleagues, and customers. We are already Law Abiding residents of NJ.

    Is there a bad apple or two in every group? Of course. Look our education system. We have some amazing teachers helping to shape our youth. Should we fault and judge them all based on the action of a few? Do we assume all teachers are a Joseph A. Scalfaro or a Michelle Jacoby? No, we call them bad apples and let the justice system to its job. Look at doctors, “crooked” politicians, or any group, organization or profession and you will find nothing and no group is perfect.

    I know it’s a lot to ask, but when you look at your family do you ever wonder what you would do if they were in mortal danger? Have you looked at the beginning to end response time for a 911 call? Have you ever tried to kick in your own front or bedroom door just to see how easy it could be? When you look and your family, would you do anything to save them?

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