Assembly Members Salute Retiring Land of Millville


Assemblyman R. Bruce Land (D-1) of Millville tonight bade farewell to the Assembly.

“I’ve been a very lucky man in my life,” said the Democrat from LD1, a member of the Van Drew Team who in November lost to Assemblymen-elect Antwan McClellan and Erik Simonsen.

He worked in a prison and served in combat.


But “I get emotional,” he admitted.

He choked back tears.

“I’m getting out of politics, but I’m not going anywhere,” said Land, feted by colleagues from both parties.

When he finished his remarks, he was flooded with applause from his colleagues, who rose to their feet.

“It has been an honor for all of us in this state,” declared Assemblyman Ronald Dancer of Ocean County.

A combat veteran from a tough factory town south of Vineland who won over people in both parties – it was impossible for his opponents to say anything bad about him at the height of a very rugged campaign season in LD1 – Land had a charming and disarming manner in the Assembly, and on the trail.

“You keep noting how Democrats are screwing up, but don’t you think we’ve been doing a little better since I’ve been in there?” he asked his Republican rivals in an 11th hour debate, prompting laughs in the room.

Voters didn’t think so, but Land today gracefully exited to the next chapter of his epic – but always humble – South Jersey life.

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