Assemblyman/Coach Wimberly Makes Impassioned Plea to Repollet

An impassioned Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (D-35) urged Department of Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet to continue to educate people to resist racism in public education.

“That kid won, and I have never seen anyone so defeated in my life,” said Wimberly, a legendary football coach in his hometown of Paterson, referring to an African American wrestler forced to get his haircut at a match in Buena Vista.

“You need to train the coaches and the administrators,” said Wimberly. “We need to school people.”

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One response to “Assemblyman/Coach Wimberly Makes Impassioned Plea to Repollet”

  1. The refs also need training. What happened to that poor young man was an absolute disgrace and totally preventable. As a former high school coach, I would have been ejected, suspended and probably fired defending my athlete.

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