Assemblyman Parker Space on Park Closures: ‘I’ve About Had Enough!!’

Assemblyman Park Space (R-24) blasted Governor Murphy’s executive order closing state and county parks, slamming the closures – and the federal and state government’s perceived tone-deafness to small business needs – on Facebook this evening.

The Assemblyman, who owns Space Farms Zoo and Museum in Wantage, wrote a strongly worded post in which he made the point that closing taxpayer-funded parks is ‘something we can not accept’.

Earlier today, the NJ Outdoor Alliance released their own strongly worded statement blasting the closures as ‘ridiculous’ and that ‘key components of healthful solitary recreation are now being sacrificed on the altar of fear and good headlines. It’s asinine, plain and simple.’

Space’s comments may reflect a possible growing backlash against closing parks (state and county; municipal parks are at the discretion of towns).  Other Republicans have joined in condemning the closures, according to

Pointing to his own business, Space blasted the difficulty for small businesses in applying for government grants and loans, saying the paperwork is ‘insane’.

Space, who’s served in the Assembly since 2013, ended his post by writing ‘this is not America and with the government taking away all our constitutional rights I’ve about had enough!!’

The Assemblyman’s post: “Ok here we go… Telling it like it is! I’ll start by saying with the state parks being closed that are funded by OUR taxpayers it is something we can not accept!! Yes, let’s keep the out of state people away like other states are doing to us. Next thing is I was probably one of the first to support our President as an elected person in the state . I’m concerned that our Federal government and I know our state government have no idea what the business community is going through. As one of the very few people in the state legislature that owns a business that goes to work everyday looking to have the public come to our place and enjoy themselves , trying to apply for the NJEDA Grants , Loans , Federal Disaster , And PPP loans requires so much time and paperwork its insane with no response if we were accepted or not. Just let businesses take the precautions for their employees and customers. Our business communities have never looked to the government to support us or for a hand out. This is not America and with the government taking away all our constitutional rights I’ve about had enough!!

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  • Karen Merritt

    Parker Space, I have a few questions that many of your constituents may want to know the answers to as much as I do.

    During Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s Telephone Town Hall meeting on Tuesday night, Hal Wirths was asked by a caller about the status of getting a federally-supported COVID-19 testing center open in Sussex County. He really did not give an answer. Can you give us an update on that?

    The website of your seasonal zoo business indicates that you were to open “Spring 2020”. The first full day of Spring was March 20th, just about two & one half weeks ago, so to date you have most likely not lost nearly as much as local year round businesses that have had to shutter & let their employees go. It’s a good thing that you have that secondary pizza business to help keep you afloat in addition to the money from the federal government that you are applying for, right?

    Have you done your due diligence & checked to see how many of those 2A Sanctuary resolution supporters that you brought in from out of town & county to various municipal & freeholder meetings in Warren & Sussex Counties during the months of December, January, & February may have tested positive for COVID-19?

    Be well.. stay safe.. #FlattenTheCurve

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