Assemblywoman Timberlake Examines the Racial Wealth Gap on State of Affairs

Asw. Britnee N. Timberlake (D) – NJ, Chair, Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee, sits down with Steve Adubato to discuss the racial wealth gap and the power dynamic between corporations and citizens. Recorded 9/20/22

Steve Adubato asks Asw. Timberlake about legislation called the community wealth preservation program and why 50% of the homes in Newark that are foreclosed on, are owned by corporations. Asw Timberlake says “we have had corporate ownership over black and brown communities for, Newark is primarily a black and brown community. Corporations have owned our community for years. Now we’re seeing national headlines that show a trend where they’re also beginning to own in suburban areas, which is now gaining traction for the issue.” She continues to talk about how the bill is changing the power dynamic of property ownership.

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2 responses to “Assemblywoman Timberlake Examines the Racial Wealth Gap on State of Affairs”

  1. Homeownership is not a panacea for all the economic ills. In fact homeonership can be even more expensive then renting since now you are responsible if something breaks, not the landlord.

  2. This is laughable Liberal intellectual dishonesty at its best. After decades of imprisoning “black and brown people” into state- run institutional poverty, the new woke rhetorical desperation strategy is to talk about helping minorities create “generational wealth.” But it is the left that is responsible for creating generations of people dependent on government handouts. So which is it? Democrats continuing to entrap people in dead end poverty program, or helping them create life altering wealth through the free market. Whatever happened to the biblical adage: give them a fish, they will eat for a day, teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifetime

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