Baraka Condemns Scutari’s Statement about Rice

Mayor Ras Baraka

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka this afternoon expressed his support for Senator Ronald L. Rice (D-28) in a tweet, a reaction to a senate session collision the veteran senator had with Senator Nick Scutari (D-22).

Scutari yelled at Rice, claiming that the senator had done nothing for his community.

Baraka tweeted the following statement:

“As Mayor of Newark, the largest city in the State, I can affirm and attest that the notion Senator Rice has not done anything for his community is beyond the pale and absolutely false.

“As one of the most senior ranking senators in the State of New Jersey, serving as Senator of our 28th Legislative District consecutively since his first appointment on November 18, 1986, Senator Rice is a true hero and has been a tireless and effective advocate.

“Throughout his many years of service in the Senate, his work has contributed to moving Newark forward and strengthening every municipality in our State through our struggles against inequity.

“His accomplishments to date are outstanding and I am extremely proud that Senator Rice is my Senator. He has my unwavering support. I stand with him always, and I will continue to work with him to improve the lives of all Newark residents.”

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