Barnstorming Rogers: Joe Went Wrong ‘When He Started Calling People Names’

He hears it as he walks around and talks to the real people out there in New Jersey.

“They’ve given up on the party,” said Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers, a proud Republican running for governor but apparently going nowhere fast in his quest to grab county lines. That establishment fight seesaws between Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno and Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16).

A cop of 38 years and Navy veteran, Rogers sees himself as the far better candidate for governor. In fact, he says he’s the only Republican who can win.

But people out there aren’t only discouraged by Republicans and Governor Chris Christie.

“They’re fed up with both parties,” Rogers told InsiderNJ. “It’s the party machinery. There’s a lot of negativity about Chris Christie. There’s a lot of anger for both GOP candidates [Ciattarelli and Guadagno] who didn’t support Donald Trump and are now both being very easy on Donald Trump. It’s sheer political chicanery. If you are not willing to make a stand, you can’t lead people. They calculated wrong. They were looking out for themselves and not the people.”

But doesn’t Rogers have a political problem as long as businessman Joe Rudy Rullo stays in the contest?

Rullo also self-identifies as a Trump loyalist, going back to the early days of the GOP Primary.

“I feel Joe is sincere but where he went wrong is he started calling people names,” Rogers said. “He started calling me names, and the lieutenant governor names. Joe would have some credibility if he didn’t start calling people names. I don’t consider him at all an issue. His former campaign manager is now working for me. He told us inside stuff but I’m not going to use that.”

A pro-life former Police Benevolent Association (PBA) president, Rogers has consistently made a point of emphasizing his close contact with urban leaders as a selling point for his candidacy, and he makes no apologies for being super patriotic.

“What I learned from public service is you truly have to represent all the people,” he said. “I make it a point to let people know that I am pro law enforcement, but I won’t support police knocking doors down and dragging people out of their homes.  The reality when you go around to these county committee events, you see it, I see it – you don’t see much diversity. I’ve been to the inner cities and spoken to the ministers. I’ve been a police officer. I know.”


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3 responses to “Barnstorming Rogers: Joe Went Wrong ‘When He Started Calling People Names’”

  1. I call BUNK. on a few things. Folk may have given up on Christie… Kim may be perceived my many as Christie’s 3rd term.. But Jack Ciattarelli is not only reaching out to everyone to help REBUILD the NJGOP big tent (CC & Kim ignored), but is being VERY WELL received by folk who are grass roots and gop insiders.

    JACK’s direction is what we NEED here in Jersey. We need someone who… unlike Rogers running around trashing establishment… reaches out to embrace everyone who is, or wants to be, involved in FIXING NEW JERSEY.

    As for Trump’s campaign in 2016.. there are many of us who did not have Trump as our 1st pick when all 16 of them were campaigning.. My 1st choice was Walker.. love what he did in his state.. When he dropped out I figured Cruz was best next choice, and I STILL like Cruz is holding the line for full repeal of ACA…

    BUT.. Trump showed over time he was (a) serious about it, (b) could stand toe to toe and duke it out on big stage, and (c) had excellent policy objectives to help fix USA.. I’m not alone in having taken some convincing Trump was “the guy”, not a darn thing wrong with being a bit skeptical IMHO. Now, Trump is POTUS and doing a fine job IMHO.. He has my support, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with every policy path he may take in the future..

    I’m SICK AND TIRED of people slamming that “so called” establishment. What does that mean anyway? Someone who’s worked HARD for us for years? Folk like the Bucco’s or MP Carrol, or others who’ve tried to hold the line for us as a minority party? The people who VOLUNTEER their time to work within GOP on local committees, county, etc???

    It’s HIGH TIME we stop kicking those who are working to keep the lights ON in the GOP house, and folk in GOP stop viewing grass roots and a bunch of tinfoil hats with no brain. It’s TIME we unify all those who seek to drive back the progressive agenda and work TOGETHER to fix NJ…

    I think Jack Ciattarelli is the guy who can get that done, with the resume and experience needed at every level of government, town, county, state, as well as successful experience in private business and finance industries needed.

    He has the track record of WINNING in heavily democrat district with a sound FISCAL message all can relate to that WILL actually cut property taxes if WE can not only get HIM elected, but gain legislative victories as well. The people are ready for REAL solutions, and not more hot air. Jack has them.

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