Bergen’s Assemblyman Eustace Stirs Political Intrigue with Branch-Out into Sussex

There is considerable speculation tonight in Bergen County concerning the scheduling of an upcoming town hall event by Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-38) of Maywood, chairman of the Assembly Environmental Committee.

The town hall is set for March 21st at the Sussex County Performing Arts Center in Newton – the heart of God’s country and the longtime stomping grounds of ousted U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5).

Voters pitchforked Garrett out of office last year after reports circulated about the movement conservative congressman’s resistance to giving money to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, supposedly because they fund gay candidates. Now Eustace, who is openly gay, and who bullhorned it on the streets of Bergen last year in support of Garrett’s tormentor and eventual conqueror, U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, plans to set up camp in Garrett land.

“Is Eustace setting himself up to run for congress if Gottheimer loses re-elect?!” an InsiderNJ source speculated. “Weird that in a targeted district like 38 and in his reelection year why is he out in Sussex County?”

InsiderNJ suggested that maybe Eustace intends to build relationships in that part of the congressional district in order to serve as a convincing surrogate come 2018 when Gotttheimer finds himself fighting hard to win reelection in the battleground district.

Or indeed – to the source’s point – for future political reference himself.


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  • FrankHaguesGhost

    No way! Useless is only still in 38 because the Bergen GOP ran Schmuck/Schmuckier in 2015. I think this year will be tough but if “Middle Class on Good Day”wins Useless will lose in the 2019 1991 repeat.

  • babsc

    Tim Eustace is building on his success in helping Josh Gottheimer and is showing that he is a leader wit foresight in the Democratic Party . Just as the DNC needs a real 50 State strategy, so does NJ need a 21 County strategy and a 12 Congressional District Strategy. It’s just that simple! Good job, Tim!

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