Blue Collar New Jersey Towns Going with Ciattarelli


The New Jersey’s Governor’s race is hanging by a thread. And that thread is blue collar, where working class towns like Bloomfield, Bayonne, Wood-Ridge and Carteret are making it a real contest, and sending shivers up the spines of Democrats.


Right now.

Republican Jack Ciattarelli is threatening incumbent Democratic Governor Phil Murphy on the machines tonight.


Closer race.

But it’s a shocker so far on the machines.

The Bergen County suburbs are watching the returns and seeing Ciattarelli keeping pace with or beating Murphy.

News reports say the race is a nail-biter to say the least.

Stay tuned.

Another wave ensued.

Hawthorne went Republican.

Little Falls.

Bergen towns were leaning Ciattarelli.

In Parsippany, Republican Jamie Barberio turned out the Democratic incumbent.

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  1. Go Jack Ciattarelli! Get Murphy out! The first few days in office Murphy removed the 2% cap on our property tax rate given to us by Chris Christie! Why would anyone vote for Murphy? Insanity maybe.

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