Bramnick Goes off on Murphy’s Budget Address: ‘None of this is Personal’


In his response to Governor Phil Murphy, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) eviscerated the budget address as a tin-eared template for no property tax relief delivered to “people who believe government is the answer.”

Bramnick acknowledged Murphy’s health, which the Governor teferenced prior to delivering his budget address.

“I wish this governor well,” said the Republican from Union County, who appeared alongside Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-24), not congressional candidate Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R-21), his usual partner at the microphone.

“It is my 100 percent belief that none of this is personal,’ Bramnick said, referring to Murphy. “I actually consider him a friend and consider him a good man.”

Then he ripped the speech.

“It was a lot of cheerleading but did not address the taxpayer issues of this state,” Bramnick said, decrying a blueprint that would raise taxes 18% over three years or six percent per year over three years .

Six new taxes, including a corporate responsibilty tax.

“What about a taxpayer responsibility program?” he railed.

“This is a governor that simply believes that government is the answer to the problems in New Jersey,” Bramnick added, noting a state with the worst business climate in the nation.

“There was no discussion abut any reforms, and not one iota of any evidence that he believes any reforms [are necessary],” the minority leader added.

Kean echoed Bramnick’s comments in a release.

“Anyone who’s looking for a plan to make New Jersey more affordable will be disappointed by a budget proposal from Governor Murphy that raises taxes and makes no effort to constrain costs,” said Kean (R-21). “In a year when state revenues are booming, the governor’s spending plan represents a missed opportunity to demonstrate fiscal discipline and provide real tax relief to New Jerseyans.”

The governor’s budget proposal would increase year-over-year spending by 5.5% through nearly $1 billion in higher income, business, and cigarette taxes.

Kean said New Jersey is desperate for a budget that addresses the disturbing trend of college students, graduates, families, and seniors leaving the Garden State.

“If the governor continues driving taxes higher and shunning reforms proposed by the Legislature to cut the cost of government, we’re going to see a continued exodus from New Jersey,” added Kean. “Make no mistake, this budget is a continuation of disastrous fiscal policies that are breaking up too many of our families. This proposal doesn’t move the needle on giving people a reason to stay in New Jersey.”


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  1. Stop taxing working households on the assessed notional value of their homes. Start systemically excising securitized interests in real property.

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