BREAKING: Piscopo Won’t Run for Governor – Backs Guadagno for Governor

After teasing for a year, Comedian/radio show host Joe Piscopo today on his AM 970 show announced his intention not to run for governor as an independent.

He will instead back Lieutenant Govenror Kim Governor.

Piscopo said he met with Guadagno at his home this past weekend for what the comedian described as “a secret summit” to address state concerns.

In his announcement, he said he doesn’t want to be a divider, and after bowing out and endorsing her, he welcomed the lieutenant governor to make some remarks.

Guadagno effusively thanked him, and noted that unlike herself, Piscopo is actually from New Jersey.

In his statement, Piscopo said people want to make New Jersey affordable, and they want to do so without the sniping, meanness and divisiveness that characterize contemporary politics.

“Let’s use our resources to attract companies for public-private partnerships,” the radio show host said. “Let’s make Atlantic City the film capital of the world. Let’s solve the property tax problem once and for all. Let’s address the pension crisis.”

He describes how he was “locked and loaded” when  “we were approached by another gubernatorial candidate.”

He said he came to the conclusion of unity.

“Let’s all join together,” he said.

The Saturday Night Live veteran – a Democrat as recently as three years ago – had originally examined the possibility of running for governor as a Republican, but formally pulled out as the announced candidates in that party waded into convention season.

A Frank Sinatra and Joe Lewis impersonator, Piscopo is a native of Passaic and grew up in North Caldwell.

Two weeks ago, former Long Hill Mayor Gena Genovese announced her own independent run for governor.

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