Brown Assumes Irvington Council Seat; Beasley Takes Council Presidency


The Irvington Town Council tonight appointed Darlene Brown to replace Renee Burgess as Council Member at Large and voted Jamillah Beasley as President of the Council.

Darlene Brown has been a resident of the Township of Irvington for 39 years and has been very active within our community. She is a mother of four and a grandmother of four beautiful and wonderful children. She is currently serving as the Southward District Leader; she has served as President of the Campfield Block Association for seven (7) years. Also, she was a Commissioner for the Irvington Housing Authority since 2014 and became the Chairwoman for the Irvington Housing Authority in 2017 until present. As a resident of Irvington she is constantly thinking of ways to make a difference in the lives of the stakeholders in the Township of Irvington. She is a proud member at Jehovah Jireh Praise a Worship Church Center in Newark NJ, Bishop Rudy V and Lady Carlton, and has been a member for twenty (20) years.


Jamillah Beasley was introduced to politics by her father, the late, great D. Bilal Beasley, who was extremely active in the community. Mr. Beasley was intimately involved with the community, and he made sure his family was as well. Mrs. Beasley is the proud mother of 4 children; SiedahTanajjah, Janelle, and Rahjid and the grandmother of 5; MaLiyah, Omari, Moses, Makai, and Symir Bilal. She believes in the Township of Irvington and its administration and believes that working together with the residents and the administration she could assist in moving Irvington forward. She desires to bring new development projectsnew businesses, more recreational programs, and help to deal with the issue of vacant and abandoned properties. Jamillah’s main goal is to change the quality of life for the residents of the South Ward and the Township of Irvington as a whole.

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