Budget Deal Buzz in the Halls of Power


TRENTON – There’s a possible deal, a source groaned alongside a marble column outside the Senate chamber.

Millionaire’s tax?


And then a readjustment of the sales tax.

“I mean, they’ve got to give him [Governor Phil Murphy] something,” the source opined.

InsiderNJ checked in with the principals, and as of right now, as Murphy, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Speaker Craig Coughlin convened, there was nothing concrete.

“Everything’s on the table,” a source close to one of the leaders said, not denying the possibility of the aforementioned deal surfacing as a real possibility.

But, “No news,” a legislative source made clear.

Sources in this NJ.com story say the Governor offered his own compromise option to lawmakers earlier today: a two-year phase-in to revert the state’s sales tax to seven-percent and a hike on the millionaire’s tax threshold.

If indeed offered as the story reports, it didn’t fly.

A GOP source in the hallway shortly after 3:15 p.m. said he suspected a deal was near at hand that would contain a scrapping of the millionaire’s tax and, the source added with a cynical grin, a sudden mysterious discovery of hitherto unrealized funds.


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