Camden Council Candidate Speaks out on Bullets Fired through Residence

Khan, right, with Lozada and Rojas.

Saying he refuses to be intimidated from campaigning and seeking a seat on city council, Hector Rojas today released the following statement regarding bullets fired at and through his private residence in Cramer Hill:

“On Tuesday evening, at approximately midnight, two shots were fired at my house, one going through my front window and hitting my living room couch. The bullet hole in my window is plain as day,” Rojas said. “I spent six years of my life serving in the military, including spending time in the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have witnessed things far worse than what occurred on Tuesday evening.”

“Having said that, I will not be intimidated nor deterred from campaigning for council. This city needs change now more than ever. If anything, this incident has reenergized me and my supporters,” Rojas added.

Elton Custis, running for mayor at the top of the ticket, said, “Intimidation works on the weak. That is not Camden. That is not my team. We will not be intimidated, we will not be bought off, and we will not stop until the voters of Camden get to decide on June 8 who the next mayor of Camden will be.”

“My heart goes out to Hector and his family for having to endure physical threats,” Custis said. “This is beyond disturbing.”

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