Casha to Run for Congress Against Mikie Sherrill


Larry Casha, an attorney from Kinnelon, said Thursday night he plans to run for Congress next year against Democrat Mikie Sherrill.

Casha said he will dispense with naming an “exploratory committee” and formally announce his plans next week.

Sherrill as of now is without an official opponent in the 11th District. Another possible GOP candidate, Jerry Langer of Montville, said last week that he has formed the aforementioned exploratory committee to investigate his chances.

Sherrill won the district last year rather easily against Jay Webber, but Casha is not dissuaded.
He said a big difference this time around is that Sherrill now has a record to run against.

“Jay didn’t have that privilege,” Casha said in a conversation Thursday night at the GOP’s District 25 convention in Randolph.

Casha lost his 2007 bid for an LD26 assembly seat in a bitter, ugly Republican Primary, in which his opponent noted his tax record as a local elected official.

The person who beat him?


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