CD-7 Flashpoint: Peterson Agrees with Murphy about Access to the American Dream


The day after Governor Phil Murphy expressed his anxieties about young people lacking access to the American Dream and wanting to do something about it, Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23) in launching his bid for Congress in the 7th District, offered similar rhetoric as he framed his candidacy.

“In America, your dreams can come true,” Peterson said. “There are people who say that America no longer exists. I want my kids and your kids to have the same boundless opportunities that our parents and grandparents had.”

Yesterday, Murphy offered the following:

“We have lived the American Dream. That dream is supposed to be the promise of America. Yet today, the American Dream that worked for a family like mine feels out of reach for too many. No family deserves that.”

The progressive Democratic Governor and movement conservative Republican evidently do have something in common after all: the stuff of dreams.

Peterson, who formally launched his upstart bid for congress in the same district where establishment darling Tom Kean Jr. hopes to wrest power away from democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-7), presented himself as the red meat favorite.

“I have been a vocal and unwavering Republican voice,” he said. “I have the best Republican voting record of anyone in this congressional race.”


Right to Life

“I was for medical freedom long before Governor Murphy’s mandates,” said Peterson. “I support the Constitution and I will always support the Constitution as the supreme law of our land. …I’ve stood up to Governor Murphy and the Democrats. I won’t back down to the Democrats. I won’t back down to anybody who stands in the way of our Republican values. If you vote for me, I will never sell you out.

“I will always vote the way a Republican should vote.”

More later on this latest development in the CD-7 battleground.


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